We have a new look, but our commitment to service never changes!

AEB News

Associated Employee Benefits (AEB) is excited to announce our new look! While we have a new visual brand identity—a rebrand—what’s “under the hood” with our organization and its commitment to service excellence only gets better with time. We strive for continuous improvement and look for ways to increase your success through greater efficiency and our exceptional Client Care Process. Our focus is on our unwavering dedication to providing unrivaled service and becoming your long-term employee benefits advocate.

What’s our new look?  What changed with the rebrand?

We are the same company and name, but the new look for our brand identity or “rebrand” personifies how innovation seamlessly merges with excellence. Our fresh and invigorating new look encompasses our unwavering dedication to providing unrivaled service. Brand identity is a lot more than a logo, and yes, those are new and vibrant—symbolically defining our energy and disciplined processes. But besides, we also have a disciplined brand standard. What’s that? It’s a set of documented company rules and policies governing our brand’s visual and verbal components with consistency, from the use of colors and fonts to our singular internal voice for our messaging.  The phrase “sing from the same sheet of music” has relevance for our entire team and how we are unified in our philosophy and commitment to our clients and their employees.

Our website has been redesigned—taking on new prominence with a more robust and dynamic platform. We have an extended social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn, and we will soon begin including public videos on a new YouTube channel. Ours is a forward-thinking vision for future expansion as we prepare to offer more extensive educational resources in support of our clients and their valued employees. While supporting AEB Unique Benefits:

Everything we do circles around our 365 Client Care Process.

Stay connected and well-informed by subscribing to our forthcoming email Newsletter. Visit our website for AEB News, and what we’re calling AEB Insights for helpful information to augment our in-person client care process with the latest about insurance industry trends, our own thought leadership, compliance, government mandates, and more. Further, we plan to expand our Educational Resource Offerings over time. (Our clients do receive considerably more access to materials — many customized — than are publicly available.)

Yes, AEB has a new look but our commitment to service never changes!

Join us on this exhilarating voyage!

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