Income Disclosure

Transparency is the Key to Trust.

AEB’s guiding beliefs establish that our client’s rights and best interests will always be central to all our considerations. Our business is built around this simple concept and is reflected in our open and honest relationship with our clients. Transparency is an important component of our internal ethics.  We are always willing to discuss and disclose the sources from which we derive our income.


Your Trusted Partner. Honesty Through and Through.

Associated Employee Benefits (AEB) is committed to delivering benefits that work for you. As a company, we are compensated through commissions and fees, but our focus remains on serving our clients’ best interests. We prioritize cost, coverage, service capability, and financial security when making recommendations on insurance carriers. Our expertise and dedication ensure that we never base our decisions on contingent agreements or commission percentages.

The final choice of insurers is always in the hands of our clients, without any pressure. At AEB, we value the relationships we build with our clients and never take them for granted. We understand the competitive nature of the industry and strive to earn your confidence and trust through our actions.

Your business with AEB is a privilege, and we are committed to continually earning it. Benefits That Work.