Strategic Plan Design

The first element of our unique benefits

The AEB discovery and analysis process yields our recommendations for your employee benefits.  The ultimate end result is only after considerable interaction with your business to create a Strategic Plan Design.

What is Strategic Plan Design?

As part of our Unique Benefits, AEB employs strategic plan design methodologies to tailor employee benefits —specifically to your business and your employees. We begin by consulting with you to understand your needs and objectives fully.

AEB Strategic Plan Design

How does it work?

As part of our 365 Client Care Process, whether a new or existing client, we schedule a meeting to collect information, discover emerging pain points, and actively respond to questions and concerns. For existing clients, we engage annually late in the summer to review the year behind and plan for the year ahead.

AEB works to design the best employee benefits plan and structure the premiums to achieve the best overall fit that meets or exceeds your business needs and strategies.

Unlock the true potential of your business and allow AEB to provide our analysis and stragic plan for exceptional Benefits Plan for your Employees. Our innovative solutions redefine the way you define and prioritize across all your business silos. Whether you need a big-picture plan or a pragmatic view, our team has the expertise to guide you towards your business goals. Let AEB formulate and develop the best agile approach to implement your benefits strategy seamlessly and cost-effectively. With a clear understanding of potential disruption impacts due to change, we empower you to manage any challenges that may arise effectively and proactively.


Important Steps:
Often Neglected by Others

Our initial work with any new business client includes an in-depth discovery process to ensure we understand you.  We don’t just look at past benefits plans and gather your feedback; we look at your business in total. Our 365 Client Care Process in the Consult & Plan phase outlines more details, but we follow these basic steps:

  • We begin with a consultative meeting to collect information, which is done annually with existing clients.
  • Timing is critical to ensure we have the latest industry information to consider — recommended for late Summer.
  • Discovery includes learning about any emerging pain points with sufficient time to address questions or concerns.
  • With discovery and strategic analysis complete, we present the best employee benefits plan with premiums structured for the best overall fit during the October (or other) open enrollment window.



AEB Unique Benefits - Strategic Plan Design