The third element of our unique benefits:  Education

AEB is exceptionally proud of our educator role with both our business clients and their employees. The insurance industry is ever-changing and very complex. We’re the experts, and it is frankly unreasonable to provide the Employee Benefits Plan without access to ongoing education through our support and access to resources. This is the part of our role we especially enjoy.

What’s next after the new benefits plan?

Education is key.  In the past, you might have secured a decent employee benefits plan but are then left to figure out how to get it implemented. AEB eliminates these headaches.  It’s part of our continuous 365 Client Care Process.  We address questions and concerns along with providing hands-on training and an evolving library of resources to help the business owner and their employees year-round.


Access these available Educational Resources:

The Ongoing Steps

Understanding the Employee Benefits Plan is naturally important for success and not missing out on all plan options once enrolled. The Education component of our role is by far a favorite for the AEB team.  As part of our 365 Client Care Process, we help:

  • our clients use their Employee Benefits Plan as a brand-building tool for recruitment and retention.
  • provide materials necessary for internal communications with employees to ensure the value of their benefits are kept top-of-mind.
  • provide our clients with educational materials that can be used with new hires (in this case, AEB rolls back to our previous step to ensure the new employee gets enrolled in available plans quickly).
  • communicate with employees to personally decipher all the technical aspects of the benefits plan so that employees (and their employers) are knowledgeable and successful in utilizing their benefits.
  • work with employees at milestone periods of their lives — such as approaching Medicare eligibility or issues like continuing to work after Medicare enrollment.