Compliance & Administration

The second element of our unique benefits

Business owners are usually not equipped to have personnel on staff to cope with the worries of compliance let alone deal with the details of benefit plan administration. AEB eliminates the stresses of implementing your Employee Benefits Plan with our Compliance & Administration services.

How does AEB alleviate your concerns?

Likely dealing with some insurance brokers, you might have a decent benefit plan, but then you are left to figure out how to get it implemented. AEB eliminates these headaches.  It’s part of our 365 Client Care Process

AEB does the heavy lifting to ensure ongoing compliance while also providing all the vital tools necessary to ensure your plan is properly administered.

The Next Steps

Implementing your strategically designed Employee Benefits Plan is next and becomes the tactical aspect of our service.

  • We provide our clients’ employees with a customized presentation of the AEB Benefits Plan business has selected
  • The universal open enrollment period occurs annually from October through early December although this can be variable for business benefits open enrollment periods.
  •  AEB takes great pride in the individual attention we provide to all client employees to review their coverage and make very informed decisions to match their healthcare needs and financial situation. They can thereby:
    • keep existing coverage
    • select new plans
    • make modifications to their existing coverage to include any dependents
    • enroll in insurance if previously uninsured.
  • AEB records the live presentation referenced above and consolidates all of the relevant information into easy-to-print or online references for the employees. Many businesses add these materials to their Employee Handbooks.
  • Each employee is emailed a personal link to a secure online portal for the selection and management of their benefits all year long.
  • As employees submit their choices, AEB processes the selections and submits them to the carriers. However, this is just the beginning:
    • Throughout the year, AEB remains available to meet with new hires. We make sure they get the same focused attention to make selections that elevate their customary benefits to a true value-added perk of their new job.
    • Employees should call AEB when coverage is unclear or insurance carrier bureaucracy becomes confusing or untenable. We know the lingo and rules, so we can help make their entire experience much easier. We also provide ongoing education to help provide more clarity when interested.



AEB Unique Benefits Compliance and Administration