AEB 365 Client Care Process


Planning is the critical work that sets the stage for success. We begin with an annual consultative meeting to collect information, discover emerging pain points, and actively respond to questions and concerns.


Businesses evolve. Employees come and go. Families grow, and individuals grow older. Legislation shifts and changes. Insurance carriers innovate. Nothing stays the same.


Monitor isn’t a phase in the AEB process, it’s a standard ongoing operation. We pay attention to what works well, we notice the areas of confusion, and we take notes. Others may say they listen to employees, but AEB staff actively engages in conversations all year long. This allows us to discover even the little ways we can make the benefits better.


This is the tactical aspect of AEB’s process that implements the customized plan designs for each business. It begins with annual customized presentation directly to our clients’ employees that kicks off the open enrollment period.